Do you want to complete a series or collection?

Missing Spc Stamps

SPCSTAMPS can help you complete your collection! Ask us for used stamps, new stamps with original or intact rubber that you need to replace because they are damaged, or that are missing from your collection. There is no stamp that cannot be supplied, as we can draw on the largest existing stock in the Italian area: put us to the test!

Remember that:

- the shortage requires an enormous availability of specimens of all denominations and onerous work to take them out of the stocks and make them available to the customer.

- if you are missing a low-cabotage stamp to complete a series and cannot find it in the quality you want, you can request it from us.

- today there are very few professionals who are able to avoid shortfalls of small values ​​(not necessarily complete sets) at wholesale prices.

Enhance your collection and complete the series with a targeted list, without searching for pieces for years or settling for inferior material!

Today our retail prices are even more convenient:

For examples of absolute first choice, i.e. without any obvious or hidden defects, definable and signable as "perfect":

  • At retail (including small cabotage items, splits, replacements for series completion etc. etc.): 25.00% of the most updated Sassone catalog price .

Availability will be communicated within a week at most from when the missing item is received.

Contact us without delay at our email, indicating the Sassone catalog number, the quality and condition of the stamps you need: you will not be disappointed!