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SPC stamps sas, of which Paolo Cardillo is a general partner, has been active in the philatelic trade for over ten years, with a particular focus on the Italian area . The company is able to provide quality products and services aimed at satisfying the various needs of the philatelic collector , even in specialized sectors.

All the collection material offered for sale is described and documented in detail, guaranteed to be original and as described, no negative surprises for the buyer. We are able to escape any missing person in the Italian area , from the Ancient States to the Republic .

We can boast in our availability the most important stock currently existing in the sector. We guarantee all the material sold with our competence, experience and correctness ; we work in the interest of the collector and of philately in general, of which we are deeply passionate . Give us your trust and we will repay it with commitment , dedication and seriousness .

Paolo Cardillo - SPC Stamps

Paolo Cardillo was born in Turin on 21 February 1966. His course of study is mainly humanistic and goes from modern literature to the advanced study of music . His collecting experience dates back to the 90s but it was from 2001 that, becoming passionate about the Italian Area and particularly the Ancient Italian States , he decided to delve deeper into the sector, first limiting himself to the study of stamps only , then analyzing both tests, essays and methods of printing and the actual use made of the stamps, including rates, destinations and postal history in general.

Paolo Cardillo is a well-known philatelic consultant , today he appraises, evaluates and estimates collections of any type in the Italian area and offers a mediation and consultancy service at the main national and international auction houses .

Proofs, essays and reprints of the second and third edition of Sardinia